UNIZ Slash 2 3D Printer

UNIZ Slash 2 3D Printer


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UNIZ Slash 2 3D Printer


 UNIZ Slash 2 3D Printer

4K HD Resolution LCD 3D Printer

The Uniz Slash 2 is a professional desktop SLA 3D printer powered by an 8.9-inch 4K ultra HD LCD light engine. The printer relies on a powerful 6-core CPU with 4GB RAM capable of keeping a high level of dimensional accuracy and resolution. That’s why the Slash 2 3D printer is the ideal solution for both professional users and makers. Thanks to the Slash 2 smart features and accessories, you will experience a fast, precise, and accurate way of 3D printing.

The device is composed of CNC-machined/cast aluminum parts and injection molded elements. Sturdy and stable, it features a long-lasting dual-layer resin tank designed to be used with all Uniz resins and materials. This one-size-fits-all tank is simple to slip in and off. With a lifetime of over 17,000 printed layers / 10 liters of resin, it benefits from an automatic safety resin level control system. The special-designed 4K LCD screen has been designed to be reliable, durable, and, above all, consumer-friendly. Also, it is easy to replace. 

The Uniz Slash 2 can be used for producing dental models, jewelry, miniatures, and figures. Read our review to find out more.

The 8.9 inches 4K UHD LCD rests as the heart of the Slash 2, enabling a stunning accuracy of 49.8u uniformly across a large build volume of 190X120x200 mm. Consumer-friendly and reliable, the screen is more durable and easier to replace than ever.

With the all-new 6-Core CPU and 4GB of RAM, the Slash 2 boasts the necessary processing power to utilize advanced rendering algorithms that weren't applicable before- keeping size-accuracy and resolution perfect for professionals that need precision down to the micron.

More LED Bulbs, Better Light Uniformity.

Less heat throttling means faster speed: An all-new intelligent heat management system coupled with our patented liquid cooling allows print speeds to reach unrivaled record times, beating out all other SLA LCD competitors.

Introducing the new ultra-durable resin tank that comes alongside the Slash 2. It's a one-size-fits-all, no-hassle resin tank, which means it's usable for all Uniz resins and materials and is easy to slip in and use. It boasts a lifetime of up to 17000 printed layers or 10 liters of resin before needing to be replaced and comes with a built-in safety to redirect resin in case of accidental leakage due to film ruptures, keeping the device clean and intact.

The all-new adjustable build platform is also being introduced along with the Slash 2, providing an easy way to re-balance and realign the build plate with the screen, leading to better reliability and more successful prints. With this new tool, a complete re-calibration takes less time and lasts longer than ever before.


UNIZ Slash 2 3D Printer

UNIZ Slash 2 3D Printer

UNIZ Slash 2 3D Printer


The price of the Uniz Slash 2 is $3,500.00, which is reasonable considering its extreme accuracy and fast speed.

Technical Specifications

Printing Technology: LCD Stereolithography
Build Volume: 192 × 120 × 200mm 7.5" × 4.7" × 7.8"
XY Resolution: 49.8µm
Highest Accuracy* ±10µm
Layer Thickness (Z resolution): 10, 25, 50, 100, 150, 200, 300µm - Profile customizable
Separation Mechanism: Polymer film natural peel
Up to 100x more durable than PDMS
Support: Uniz smart support technology
Printing Speed: 1,000 cc/hr, 200 mm/hr thin-walls
Resin Level Control: Automatic level control Optional


Dimension/ Weight: 350 × 400 × 530mm [W×H×D] 14" × 16" × 21", 14KG/30LB
Operating Temperature: Suggested 18-28°C 64-82°F
Power Requirement: 100-240VAC, 3A 50/60Hz, 240W
Optical System: 5500 (±300)Lux blue LED array
R/I matched liquid cooling
Mechanical: Carbon Fiber/Steel Reinforced
Connectivity: USB, Wifi, Ethernet


System Requirement: Windows 7 and up (64-bit only), Mac OS X 10.7 and up (64-bit only), 16GB RAM, OpenGL 2.1, Discrete Graphics
Advanced Features: Multi-printer management, Built-in advanced model repair, Ultra-large file support (1GB+)
Compatible Format: STL, OBJ, AMF, 3MF, UNIZ


Compatible Systems: iPhone, iPad, Android Phone


UNIZ Slash 2 3D Printer
UNIZ Slash 2 3D Printer
UNIZ Slash 2 3D Printer
UNIZ Slash 2 3D PrinterUNIZ Slash 2 3D PrinterUNIZ Slash 2 3D Printer