FELIX ASA-X Filament (1 kg) (Min $100 for Felix)


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FELIX ASA-X Filament (1 kg)


All Felix filaments and parts have the minimum Minimum Order amount $100



ASA-X is our highly modified “industrial-grade” ASA filament with many features like UV resistance, zero warp technology and excellent mechanical properties. ASA-X is the perfect replacement when you require a performance material without the problems that can arise during printing with, for example, ABS. ASA-X not only has great strength and interlayer adhesion but also features one of the best aesthetics possible with FDM 3D printing. The reliable bed adhesion will ensure a smooth printing experience. ASA-X is perfect when you are looking for beautiful and strong prints that also last outside


Size ø tolerance Roundness
1.75mm 0.05 95%