MatterHackers NylonX Carbon Fiber Filament


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MatterHackers NylonX Carbon Fiber Filament

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 MatterHackers NylonX Carbon Fiber Filament


Color: Black
Specifications: 1.75mm / 0.5kg

NylonX is an amazing, reinforced nylon filament. By adding micro-carbon fibers to nylon, you get a tough filament capable of printing parts with stiffness, impact resistance, and high tensile strength. NylonX is an engineering grade filament, ready for hobbyists and advanced users alike, which gives you the durability of nylon combined with the stiffness of carbon fiber.

Like all nylons, NylonX must be kept dry! If it does not remain packaged with desiccant, it will readily absorb moisture from the air; this will lead to degraded print quality and wasted filament. You can dry it out by baking it in an oven at 180°F for 4-6 hours. We also carry the PrintDry Filament Drying System for more precise dehydration for all filament types.

For more information about printing with NylonX, read our How To Succeed with NylonX article.