SUNLU S1 Dryer Box

SUNLU S1 Dryer Box


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SUNLU S1 Dryer Box

3D Filament Dry Box, SUNLU S1 Dryer Box for 3D Printing Filament, Keeping PLA PETG TPU ABS Filament Dry During The Printing, Storage Box, Spool Holder


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About this item
Large Capacity and 99% Fit Coil : SUNLU filament dryer can fit the max size coli is  210*85(H)mm , 3d printer filament dryer works perfectly with all standard filament diameters 1.75mm/2.85mm/3.00mm.

Adjustable Temperature Range 35℃~55℃: 3d filament dryer suit for all brand 3D filament on the market, you can choose different temperature of the filament dry box according to your 3D filament type.

3d Printing Filament Dryer will Dry All 3D Filament: No trouble with poor 3D printing by wet filament, 3d printing storage(filament holder) can drying while printing to improve 3D model, reducing the impact of the objective environment on the printing of 3D filaments.

Easy to Adjustable Temperature: Filament box only have 2 buttons to operate the drying time and temperature, original setting are 6 hours and 50℃ , you can also manually set the drying time. we found that the longer the bake, the brighter the model color if you use filament dehydrator.

Warm Tips for Drying and Printing: Baked 3-5 hours before printing, Sunlu dryer will have better printing effect when used with printer. You can try different bake time first, let's look at the drying comparison.

SUNLU S1 Dryer BoxSUNLU S1 Dryer Box

Packing List
1 * Filament Dryer
1 * Power Adapter
1 * User Manual(7 languages)
2 * Rollers
Tips for Dry Box
A: Manufacturer recommended to Dry the 3D Filament more than 3 hours before Printing.
B: It is necessary to extend the Dry time if the moisture in the air high.
C: The Dryer Box can Keeps Filament Dry, Even While Printing


SUNLU S1 Dryer BoxSUNLU S1 Dryer BoxSUNLU S1 Dryer BoxSUNLU S1 Dryer Box