FlashForge PLA Filament

FlashForge PLA Filament 15 colors


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 FlashForge PLA Filament


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FlashForge PLA FilamentFlashForge PLA Filament



PLA filaments Application

1. For printing models with complex structures and high precision requirements.
2. Used in construction, medical display, education, mold casting, and so on.
3. Often used together with PVA or flexible materials to print hollow models or models with parts of different hardness.
Print Temperature 190-220 ℃ Flexural Strength ≥60 MPa
Bed Temperature Not necessary Flexural Moduals ≥2500 MPa
Print Speed 60-90 mm/s IZOD Impact Strength ≥16 J/m
Tensile Strength ≥60 MPa Layer Thickness 0.1-0.2 mm
Elongation at Break ≥3 % Heat Deflection Temperature ≥55 ℃