FELIX ABS-X filament

FELIX ABS-X filament (1 kg) (Min $100 for Felix)


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FELIX ABS-X filament (1 kg) (Min $100 for Felix)


All Felix filaments and parts have the minimum Minimum Order amount $100


FELIX ABS-X filament (1 kg)

✓ Strong     ✓ Light      ✓ Durable      ✓ Nicely priced     ✓ Better temperature resistance

FELIX ABS-X is an extra-strong, impact-resistant filament that is ideal for 3D printing all solid printed products. Due to the process stability and physical features of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, it is a widely used thermoplastic polymer in the industry. This material is also very light and durable which makes it particularly suitable for tools, toys, and all kinds of utensils. Printed at slightly higher temperatures, this filament gives you extra strong 3D print results. Before printing, use a Pritt glue stick on the heated bed to ensure correct adhesion and easier removal when the printed object is finished.



You get the best results when printing with the following settings:

Recommended print temp: 225˚C

Recommended bed temp: 85˚C

Recommended speed:                                             

Printing temp. range: 215˚C (for high detailed prints), 250˚C (for higher speeds)

Bed temp. range: 75 – 100˚C

Filament diameter: 1,75mm

Storage: Cool and dry (15-25˚C)

Colors: Black, White, Blue, Red