WEEDO F152s 3D Printer


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WEEDO F152 desktop 3D printer, Single extruder, 1 Air Particle Filtration Module

【Quick Slicing Software】 WE20-Pro(F152S) is equipped with the latest version of slicing software Wiibuilder, which brings a brand new experience to users. Faster loading and slicing (60M moonlight model loading time 10S, 40S to complete slicing,Predict print time and printing supplies etc.) The software supports multiple types (PLA / ABS / PC / NYLON) consumable printing modes. Developed new seam concealment technology to print the model more accurately.
【Silent and Healthy】WE20-Pro(F152S) adopts four-door open and fully enclosed design concept. The main control chip is equipped with TMC2208 driver chip, which makes the printing process more quiet. WE20-Pro(F152S) uses a 0.08mm air filter module to block the fine particles generated by 3D printing and protect the health of you and your family.
【Smart and Convenient】WE20-Pro(F152S) does not require assembly and a wizard interface after booting, and it is also quick for beginners to use a 3D printer. With a 4.3-inch full-color touch screen, automatic leveling, wire break detection, and power resumption functions, you can handle other tasks or relax while printing. Automatic shutdown after printing makes printing more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
【Multiple Print Modes】WE20-Pro(F152S) is equipped with a WIFI module, which can control the printer through the APP, and supports Wiibuilder software to send slice files for printing with one click.
【Help Button & Warranty】Each operation interface of the machine has a Help view icon, which is convenient for novices to quickly grasp the 3D printer. The additional design FAQ and Error Diagnosis can be quickly analyzed and resolved even if they encounter problems.One year warranty and lifetime tech support.


    Build Volume:20 L X 18 W X 18 H CM [7.9 X 7.1 X 7.1 IN]
    Product Dimensions:39 L X 35.5 W X 47.5 H CM [15.4 X 14.0 X 18.7 IN]
    Layer Resolution:90 microns [0.0035 IN]
    Display: 4.3 IN Touch Screen

    Part Number F152s
    Brand Name WEEDO
    Model Number F152
    UNSPSC Code 23261507

    Product characteristics

    • •Broken filament detection
    • •Fully Automated Platform Calibration
    • •Touched screen
    • •Air Filtration
    • •Enclosed printing environment
    • •Patent designed nozzle
    • •Auto power off
    • •passed QCAMT001 certificate

    Machine parameters

    • Machine Size:390x355x475mm
    • Net Weight: 16KG
    • Machine Color: Black
    • Voltage Input: 220V
    • Maximum Power: 120W
    • Air filtration: 3 layer filter system
    • Nozzle quantity: single
    • Screen: 3.5inch touched screen

    Printing parameters

    • Build Dimension: 200x180x180mm
    • Nozzle Diameter:0.4mm
    • Printing Resolution:0.09-0.5mm
    • Printing Speed:20-130 mm/s
    • Accuracy of Positioning: (Z) 0.0025 mm
    • (X,Y) 0.011mm

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