RoboxDual RBX02-B

RoboxDual RBX02-B 3D Printer


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RoboxDual RBX02-B

  • Stylish, effective and affordable 3D printer
  • Allows for dual material printing
  • Uses cutting-edge dual-nozzle printing and bed-levelling technology
  • Plug and play - no set up or assembly required
  • Best layer resolution: 20 microns
  • Build size (LxWxH): 210 x 150 x 100mm
  • Free Shipping (Lower 48 States) free shipping doesn't include the import tax
  • Est 5-8 business days to deliver 
  • Ship from China
  • Buyer takes responsibility of paying US customs duties and taxes if any
  • Please provide your valid phone number which is necessary for international shipping


  • Fully assembled 
  • Safety enclosure 
  • Interchangeable print head 
  • Heated/tapless build plate 
  • Fully automatic material recognition 
  • Third party filament compatibility 
  • Mid-print pause/resume

The CEL RoboxDual Dual-Material 3D Printer is an update to the original Robox and includes a Dual Material Head, 2 extruders and the ability to print in 2 materials at once. Updated parts and manufacturing techniques provide redundancy and future proofing. 2 Headlock compatible heads are included in this package; providing improved detail, higher speeds and model strength and now multiple materials in a single print. The new Dual Material Head and the spectacular QuickFill Head which has won Robox so much praise.

The Robox 3D printer with the dual fiament head

CEL RoboxDual Dual-Material 3D Printer- Click to Enlarge

Loading Filament into the Robox 3D printer

The best thing about dual material printing is the ability to create parts which were previously difficult or even impossible with a single material printer. By creating a support structure with a material which can peel. A mechanical design engineer can now prototype injection mould designs on their desk without needing to modify the design for ease of printing.

CEL RoboxDual Dual-Material 3D Printer- Click to Enlarge

Side view of the Robox's separate build chamber and electronics enclosure

Side view of the Robox SmartReel and extruder system




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