FELIX BIOprinter

FELIX BIOprinter 3D Printer


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The NEW FELIX BIOprinter


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Flexible and adaptable 3D bioprinting capabilities for a wide range of research disciplines.
Experience the trust and reliability you have come to expect from a FELIXprinter, in the brand new BIOprinter. 

Designed by top German Engineers

The ultimate 3D printing bio research instrument in a cost-effective package.

The FELIX BIOprinter is designed to extrude a broad spectrum of material types and viscosities and is ideal for the researcher who values ease-of-use.

Made with design freedom in mind, includes various features that enhance the accuracy of the printing process, while at the same time ensuring the process is cost-effective and easily sterilizable.


 Dual head printing for two different bio-inks or materials

 Syringe and print-bed heating and cooling

 Modular design - customizable to your needs

 Ability to add UV curing module and cover 



Print materials: Print with a wide range of bio-inks and viscosities

Applications: Scaffolds, structures, droplet, cell printing, cartilage, bone (ceramic) and more


Ease of use

- Powerful and intuitive touchscreen
- Easy syringe positioning and exchange
- Simple to use software
- Modular and upgradeable


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