ZORTRAX CARE PLAN for Zortrax Inventure DSS Station


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ZORTRAX CARE PLAN for Zortrax Inventure DSS Station

(Only DSS)


Extended Warranty

Zortrax extended warranty


Zortrax Care Plan Zortrax Enhanced Service Plan Inventure DSS Station



 Enhanced 24 Month Plan (Must be purchased within 10 Days of new printer purchase) = First year with a Zortrax factory warranty + 2nd year with this Zortrax Care Plan. 


Detailed Zortrax Factory warranty for first year

Detailed information about  

Zortrax Factory Warranty


The Extended warranty will provide you with peace of mind for an extra 12 months of warranty for your 3D printer with all repairs and ground shipping covered within the Continental United States (Lower 48 states). Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Guam do not include shipping. Shipping charges will be the responsibility of the Zortrax 3D Printer owner, warranty holder. Enhanced 24 Month Plan (Must be purchased within 10 Days of new printer purchase)

Parts, labor, and shipping (see above for shipment coverage) covered for warrantied issues. Warrantied issues are as listed per the official Zortrax Warranty for the applicable Zortrax 3D printer purchased. See Zortrax Warranty for specific coverage details. The Enhanced Service Plan is a wow3Dprinter.com service, and our trained and certified Zortrax technicians will support you and repair your 3D printer to official guidelines using 100% original Zortrax parts. Warranty issues under the terms of the applicable standard warranty as specified on Zortrax.com. Products must be returned in the
original Zortrax packaging or approved packaging for warranty validity.


The Zortrax Enhanced Service Plan exists for a simple reason, to extend and expand the standard warranty coverage available on your Zortrax machine. It provides peace of mind that any unexpected issues you experience won’t drain your wallet and it helps you rest easy at night knowing you have the combined experience and technical know-how of our certified experts to get your equipment up and running as quickly as possible. That means you get to focus exclusively on building your business and creating the best products possible for your customers


Unlike other types of insurance where you pay for something you hope you never have to use, the Zortrax Enhanced Service Plan actually gives you something useful in return for your investment. Anyone who purchases an enhanced service plan, regardless of the price, automatically receives a SmartPower Systems Smart Cord electronic power conditioner, which is built to fit into the tightest spaces, regardless of your office design. The Smart Cord protects against high voltage surges, low voltage spikes, over voltage, lightning, reverse polarity and ground loop currents. If you want to maintain your device and guard against the loss of valuable work product, you want to plug your machine directly into the Smart Cord instead of a wall socket.