Z-SUPPORT Premium filament for Zortrax M300 Dual


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Z-SUPPORT Premium filament for Zortrax M300 Dual

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This filament is only for Zortrax M300 Dual 


800 g. ±5% / 1,75 mm


Z-SUPPORT Premium is a water-soluble support filament made of butenediol vinyl alcohol co-polymer (BVOH). It’s compatible with Z-PLA, Z-PETG, Z-SEMIFLEX and Z-ULTRAT Plus as it can work in a relatively wide range of printing temperatures. Z-SUPPORT Premium has a very fast dissolution rate and leaves no remnants on the model.

Dissolvable support structures is a feature of LPD Plus technology introduced with Zortrax Inventure. Simultaneous 3D printing of base and support materials enables creating otherwise impossible shapes. Z-SUPPORT Premium is similar to PVA-based materials in that it allows to 3D print complex, detailed, hollow shapes as well as movable mechanisms in one go. The filament can be used to stack multiple batches of models one on top of the other to speed up short-series production.

Z-SUPPORT PremiumA movable gearbox prototype. Z-SUPPORT Premium dissolves at a fast rate and leaves no remnants on the model so it is perfect for 3D printing movable mechanisms with a tight fit on Zortrax Inventure.


  • High and low temperature 3D printing with ABS-based Z-ULTRAT Plus
  • Hollow parts
  • Complex models
  • Movable mechanisms
  • Objects 3D printed in one piece
  • Short-series production



Fast dissolution rate

Z-SUPPORT Premium can dissolve at a very fast rate which significantly reduces time necessary for support removal.

Wide compatibility

Z-SUPPORT Premium can work in a wide range of temperatures which makes it compatible with all filaments available for Zortrax Inventure.