Sindoh 3DWOX 7X 3D Printer

Sindoh 3DWOX 7X 3D Printer


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Sindoh 3DWOX 7X 3D Printer


 Sindoh 7X 3D printer

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  • MASSIVE PRINT SIZE SUITED FOR INDUSTRIAL 3D PRINTER: Need to print a large model? 3DWOX 7X is an industrial-grade 3D printer with a maximum build size of 380 x 390 x 450mm. It can be used for industrial or commercial applications by printing a large model at once.
  • INDEPENDENT DUAL NOZZLE: Two Independent dual nozzles and two cartridges provide better performance. A mixture of two colors and two materials allows a variety of outputs to match the desired style.
  • UPGRADED PRINT QUALITY: 3DWOX 7X enhances the print quality of the flexible materials through Direct Mode. In addition, the internal insulation is added to improve the quality of the ABS output.
  • VARIOUS COMPATIBLE MATERIALS: 3DWOX 7X can print Flexible material in addition to PLA and ABS. Flexible material extends the application to a wide professional field. You can use the water-soluble PVA material for high-level PLA printout.
  • VOICE SUPPORT: 7X is equipped with voice support user guide functions for more convenient use. Over 100 items are available for guidance such as the power, booting, output start and completion of the product, and the occurrence of the problem so that the user can operate the device quickly and accurately to solve the problem.
  • PLEASANT PRINTING ENVIRONMENT: Product features have been enhanced to enable seamless use of 3D Printers in office and research spaces. Four H13 grade HEPA filters with the removal rate of 99.95% of fine particles over 0.3㎛ have been embedded on the back of the device. Also, the noise generated during printing has been minimized to 55dB (A) which can be used comfortably even at night or in a confined narrow space.
  • AUTO BED LEVELING: High accuracy bed leveling sensor has been applied to maximize output quality. The full auto-leveling function makes printing easier and the active leveling function calculates even the small inclination of the bed while the output is being printed, which results in overall better quality.
  • EFFICIENT AND CONVENIENT BUILD PLATE: The build plate of 3DWOX 7X is made of heat-conductive metal material and assists the printer to print a better model through its heated bed structure. Also, users can safely remove prints thanks to the flexibility of the bedplate. For easy removal and strong adhesion of the print, both sides of the bedplate can be utilized according to the material to print.


Sindoh 7X 3D printerSindoh 7X 3D printerSindoh 7X 3D printerSindoh 7X 3D printerSindoh 7X 3D printerSindoh 7X 3D printerSindoh 7X 3D printerSindoh 7X 3D printerSindoh 7X 3D printerSindoh 7X 3D printer

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