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G Printer DLP 3D Printer


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G Printer / Gooo3D / DLP 3D Printer/For Professional

G Printer from Gooo3D


Best UV DLP 3D Printer

Build Volume 128 X 80 X 145 mm (5 in x 3.14 in x 5.7 in)

  • G Printer uses 405 nm VIOLET UV LIGHT SOURCE
  • Don't need to use UV curer for post curing process (95% of post-hardening condition) Very Unique Feature
  •  Designed for both industrial professionals and individual customers. Easy to use
  •  Fast printing speed (Maximum 60 mm /h)


Proven quality DLP printer in Japan, Hong Kong, and Korea. is an Official Authorized Partner of Gooo3d in USA


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  • Est 5-9 business days to deliver 
  • Ship directly from South Korea (HQ)
  • Free Shipping but Buyer takes responsibility of US customs duties and taxes if any
  • 1 Year Warranty and Free 1 Year Tech support are included




  • Dimensions         266 X 340 X 415 mm
  • Weight  10 kg
  • Display  3.5” LCD
  • Power Requirements: 100 240V 6A 50/60Hz
  • Printing Technology         UV DLP
  • Build Volume      128 X 80 X 145 mm
  • XY Resolution  100 microns
  • Layer Thickness  25 I 50 I 100 microns
  • Light Source: UV LED
  • Operating System: Embedded System
  • Material: Photopolymer Resin / Standard
  • Software: Slice Program / Compatible format: STL / G Printer Studio



  • G Printer / Optimizes 100% UV
  • 100% Made in Korea
  • A lot better than SLA
  • Highest Resolution 25 Microns
  • Official Partner in USA:

    Gprinter DLP 3D Printer


        Incredible High Speed

        Speed Increased by creating one layer at a time. 3D printing is a process in which a layer is built on top of another one by one. To get a result quickly, It is important how fast one layer is created. Stereo lithography (SLA) uses a small laser projector which moves around creating a layer. Its performance speed slows down when the size of the outcome is too large or you have too many objects. UV DLP method, however, works at a high speed regardless of the number of size of the outcome.

        100% UV Printing Resolution

        Resin that 3D printers use gets solidified by light wave. Other DLP printers normally come with typical beam projectors that can be found around us, whose light source creates so small amount of UV light that the speed of resin solidification is also slow, resulting in incomplete solidification. As a compensation for this issue, they also have a separate UV solidification device to process an additional post-solicitation step. G Printer uses an optical engine with purely 100% 405nm UV light wave, which guarantees faster and complete solidification of resin. Post-solidification stage is unnecessary for G Printer.

        Embedded Support

        Most of other DLP printers are usually controlled by a desktop computer, for while the printer itself works according to the control board mounted on it, the graphical signals of DLP engines managed by the PC connected to the printer. That is why processes get interrupted when PC’s power goes off or being frozen or the cable between the printer and the PC pulls out. G Printer doesn’t require a PC. The embedded board directly controls images and hardware together, which guarantees stable output. G Printer features user’s experience centered easy manipulation. You can operate it while looking at the LCD screen, tuning the dial around. You don’t have to struggle to follow wordy instructions to use G Printer.


        G Printer Studio

        G Printer comes with the G Printer Studio software to convert 30 data to output data. G Printer studio is developed by Materialize and Provides the best 3d Printer solution. Perfect success of printing depends upon support building Process. G Printer Studio features a powerful support building system that saves time and effort to build supports. Anyone can get their jobs done easily with G Printer Studio.

        Longer Machine Life

        Overheating can damage the system and unnecessary operation of the machine reduces the lifespan and durability of batteries. Such energy loss leads to frequent changes of projector lamps, which are expensive. G Printer’s lifespan is as long as 1O thousands hours, you don’t have to change the lamp frequently.