Full Package for Dazzle L120 Basic


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A Package for Dazz L120 Basic 3D printer

This is a complete package for around 6 months to 1 year parts and supplies (except bottles of resin) for saving your time and money. 


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1 x Dazz 3D Cure

1 x Dazz 3D Wash

1 x FEP Film for Basic(10PCS /package)

1 x Reisn Tank for Basic

1 x Platform for Basic & Pro

4 x Standard Resin--LC09(500g)

1 x Castable•HighWax Resin--EC08 (500g)

1 x Smoothness Resin--F20 (500g)


Dazz UV CureDazz UltrasonicFEB filmtankplatformDazz Resins


Ship from Dazz HQ in China

Free Shipping to USA

Delivery time 5-7 business days after payment.


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