FELIX PVA M filament

FELIX PVA M filament (0,25 kg) Water-Soluble (Min $100 for Felix)


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FELIX PVA M filament (0,25 kg) Water-Soluble 


All Felix filaments and parts have the minimum Minimum Order amount $100


✓ Support material using dual extrusion     ✓ Water-soluble     ✓ Good bonding with PLA     

FELIX PVA is an excellent support material for dual extrusion. The filament bonds well to PLA and is quickly soluble in water. Manually removing PLA support material is no longer necessary and you can just soak the object in water. Our PVA is easy to print and has a high tensile strength. PVA is non-toxic and biodegradable once dissolved in water. PVA enables you to print very difficult objects which were otherwise not possible to print.  

You will get the best results with the following settings:

Filament diameter: 1,75mm

Recommended print temp: 210˚C

Recommended bed temp: 55˚C

Recommended speed:                           

Bed temp. range: 50 – 60˚C

Printing temp. range: 180˚C (for high detailed prints), 205˚C (for higher speeds)

Usage and Storage advice

It is very important to keep PVA filament in the re-sealable storage bag as much as possible. PVA absorbs a lot of water, which results in reduced quality of the material. When possible: cut off the required amount of PVA and store the spool in the re-sealable bag. Storage advice: Cool and dry (15-25˚C) in a re-sealable bag including Silica-Gel bags (delivered)

Quality tip

If you notice the PVA starts to making a 'boiling' sound when used, there is too much water in the PVA. To remove the water from the PVA, put the spool in the oven for about 2.5 hours on 50 degrees Celsius.