Flashforge Standard Resin FH1100

Flashforge Standard Resin (Grey) FH1100 for Hunter DLP 3D Printer 1 Liter


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Flashforge Standard Resin(Grey) FH1100 for Hunter DLP 3D Printers, 1 Liter


Product Description

High Precision

Whether suspended structure or smooth surface, FH1100′ modeling effect is very good, the surface of result is smooth and clean and high details in reduction. Designed for high precision pattern production, Flashforge FH1100 is ideal for repid prototyping and product developing.

With strict requirement of manufacturing, Flashforge FH1100 has high stability, with low shrinkage and low failure rate.

Material Properties

Density: 1.05

Viscosity: 100-300(cps, 25℃)

Tensile Strength: 30 Mpa

Elongation at Break: 8%

Shore Hardness: 85 D

Exposure Ec: 6 mj/cm2

Penetration Depth: 8 mil(0.2mm)