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Build Platform for Slash


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UNIZ Build Platform for Slash


Uniz Build Platform


The Manufacturing Platform compatible with printers 3D SLASH is the basis on which the 3D LED-LCD printing is made. This element must be in good condition so that the impressions are of quality and error-free typical of adhesion. It is also crucial to maintain the manufacturing platform without scratches so that it is easy to separate the piece from the platform itself.



In the case of detecting a decrease in adherence from the resin to the manufacturing, the platform is recommended sand the base with the sanding sheet supplied with the 3D printer. The manufacturing platform must be sanded with continuous and uniform movements parallel to the longitudinal axes and along the two diagonals.


Manufacturer - UniZ

Material - Steel

HS Code - 8443.3

Weight - 0.3 kg

Platform: 30 x 25 x 10cm