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  • The Micro+ is the newest version of our revolutionary original Micro 3D printer.
  • Surprisingly quiet, doesn't smell or emit heat; safe to use in your home and office.
  • The Micro+ is feature rich at an affordable price.
  • Comes with free M3D software; simply upload your model, adjust the settings, and you're printing!
  • Compatible with any brand of unchipped 1.75mm filament. M3D's brand enables pre-set temperature.


The Micro+ is the second generation Micro 3D Printer. The consumer 3D printer that set the standard has been renewed with full 3rd party support, prints twice as fast, prints untethered, and is better than ever. The Micro+ is designed and assembled in the USA at M3D’s Fulton, MD headquarters.



Technical Specifications


Printer Dimensions: Cube, 7.3 in per side
Printer Weight: 2.35 lb 
Power source: External power supply. Each order will include a power supply that’s compatible with the voltage at your shipping location - in the US, that will be a 120V supply, and for most of Europe and the rest of the world, it will be 220V.
Country of Origin: Designed & Assembled in the USA Certifications: CE, FCC, RoHS
Print Bed: self-leveling, replaceable & non-heated. Heated bed accessory is sold separately.
Build Volume: Print objects up to 4.6” tall or 4.3” x 4.5” wide Nozzle: 0.35 mm (replaceable)
Accuracy: 50-350 micron layer heights, 0.35 mm nozzle extrusion
Print speed: Typically prints filament at 45 mm/s, and travels atspeeds up to 90 mm/s 
Stand Alone Mode: M3D’s software will automatically start printing and transfer print jobs to an internal memory chip, allowing the print to continue without being tethered to a computer Power Loss
Recovery Mode: The Micro Plus can recover prints after a loss of power
Third Party Filaments: Compatible with industry standard 1.75 mm filaments Micro Plus Filament Spool Weight: 0.5lb, 250 feet long
Third Party Applications: Accepts standard G-codes, making it compatible with 3rd party applications Free M3D Software: Available on Windows and Mac 3D Model FIle Formats Supported: STL & OBJ USB: 2.0 and above




M3D software for an effortless, plug-and-play experience 
Micro motion sensor for accuracy and ease of use 
USB cable 
Power Adapter (Country-Specific) 

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